Sygic McGuider V.7.60.731+Indonesia Map

– Enjoy the smooth movement of the maps, faster route computing across
detailed European map and immediate route recomputing.
Besides that, only a few seconds are necessary to start the application,
and guide you on your way.
– Enter destination as address, with memory of previously selected cities
and streets, as stored favorite location, as previously selected
destination, nearby point of interest, zip code, home, point on map,
GPS position, city center, POI in city, last valid position.

Compatibility list (tested only) :
N95-3NAM, N95-2, N95, N96 8GB, N82, N81, N80, N73, N78, E65, E61i, E61, E60, E66, E51,
E50, E90 Communicator, 6120 Classic, 6110 Navigator, 5500.
P3300 Artemis, P3600, P3600i, Touch Cruise P3650, Touch Dual, S620, S621, S710,
S711, S730, Orange, Touch Dual P5500, TyTN II P4550, Vodafone, S310, Touch Find,
Touch P3450, TyTN II, X7500 Advantage.
• Asus MyPal A696.
• AT&T Tilt 8900, AT&T Tilt 8925.
• Dell Exim X30 Advabced, Dell Axim X30 Basic, Dell Axim X30i
• Dopod 310, P800, P800W, P860, D810, CHT9100, CHT9110, S600, C720W,
C500, C730.
• EMobile Emonster S11HT.
• ETEN X500+.
• Hewlett-Packard iPAQ 610c / 612c /614.
• I-Mate Ultimate 8502, I-Mate Ultimate 9502.
• MiTAC Mio P350 Digi-Walker, MiTAC Mio P550 Digi-Walker, MiTAC Mio
P550m Digi-Walker.
• MWg Atom V, MWgZinc II.
• O2 Xda Orbit, Xda Orbit 2, Xda Stellar, Xda Star , Xda Cosmo.
• Orange SPV M650, SPV M700, SPV E600, SPV C100, SPV M600.
• Qtek G9090, G200, 9000
• Samsung i200, SGH-i550, SGH i550w, SGH-i560, SGH-i560v, SGH-i780, SGHi900
Omnia 16GB, SGH-i900 Omnia 8GB.
• SFR S300+, S710, Touch Cruise, v1615, Touch Dual.
• Swisscom XPA v1510, XPA v1615, XPA Touch Dual, XPA v1415.
• T-Mobile MDA Compact III, MDA Vario III, MDA Touch Plus, Dash, MDA Mail.
• Toshiba G710.
• UBiQUiO 501
• Vodafone VPA Compact GPS, VPA Compact V, v1615, VDA V, v1415, V7505
Sony-Ericsson P1i, M600i, G900
Fujitsu Siemens Loox 410


download ,unzip all di root memori cardmua (  drive ,res , map ) kemudian instal setupSIMBIANs60.sis .

Keygen untuk SYGIC MCGUIDER 7.60.x

pastkan komputer anda sudah terinstal NET FRAMEWORK dulu sebelum menjalankan keygen ini.


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